Story Portfolio 2022


Goose Soup

WIA Circle Mentorship Fall 2021


Ever heard of an Emotional Support Goose? An elderly lady and her goose go to the store for some groceries. The store’s butcher, hearing about the bird reigning havoc, takes matters into his own hands...

Goose Soup.png
Hex Limit Extra.png

Hex Limit

Property of SCAD Animation Studios

Hex Limit is a three minute hybrid action short film about a biker faun, an elf witch, and a goblin competing for the title of champion in a broom race across a magical city.


A sleepy lizard is woken up when the warm light shifts away from it, having to chase after it as the light bounces around as if it has a mind of its own...

Warm Spot

Warm Spot.png


Three new alien recruits meet their leader for the first time and are reminded of the history of the great Cat & Dog war...



Property of SCAD Animation Studios

Bearly is a three minute hybrid musical short film about a young bear trying to stay awake during winter. Below are two different sections of the film.



Story Portfolio 2022

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